Artist Statement
” At the age of 50 in Galveston, I finally had the time and opportunity to explore painting and I dived in. I wanted to find a free, spontaneous way of capturing nature, or a person or a garden – anything I saw. Most importantly, I wanted it to come from MY gut.

I joined the Galveston Art Guild, had paintings in an old antique store on Post Office Street and wow! Some of my artworks began selling! Later, I delved into watercolor and loved the freedom and fluidity of this medium, which further influenced my oil technique.

I finally opened my own gallery on Post Office St.: The Red Easel. Every Friday night we had “Artist Walk” and I sold a lot of paintings. I participated in a lot of art shows in Galveston and San Antonio and always sold paintings, took home ribbons and even a first place at Breckenridge.

The paintings shown here are just a smidgeon of what a former Dallas homicide detective can accomplish as a painter living in the Texas Hill Country. Commissions are welcome.” – Cathy Bellows

Llano Craft Distillery – Special Exhibit

Opening May 17, 2024

Cherry Blossoms
Watercolor on Rice Paper

Pedernales River Behind the Wildseed Garden

Remember When
Oil on Canvas