Llano Craft Distillery – Special Exhibit

Opening May 17, 2024


Sheri Zoch

TX Hill Country Gallery
Founding Artist

Artist’s Exhibit Statement

“I have always enjoyed portraying birds in glass, because these creations incorporate my entire toolbelt of glass tricks. Like birds, glass can be shiny, gossamer-like, dichroic (two-colors in one), transparent or opaque,  and certainly any color under the sun. Knowing how to cut and fire glass multiple times is always a kick when I open the kiln.

My colleague, Viktor Odnovyun, is a world famous Ukrainian-Texan wildlife photographer specializing in shore birds. With a thick accent, he will tell you that he likes to photograph birds because they are free. Anyone who has seen Viktor’s photos knows his uncanny ability to capture their poses and antics, seemingly only for him. I feel lucky that Viktor allows me to try to recreate his beautiful photos in my medium (fused glass).”  – Sheri Zoch

Artist Statement
“There’s many ways to make a horse, donkey, lion, cow…in art. 
I chose fused glass, and here’s why.

As a scientist, I felt the right side of my brain needed scratching, so I took as many art classes as I could, until I took fused glass. My heart just melted into this unique art form. Fused glass is the epiphany of both science and art for me. 

Opening the kiln lid is always a surprise and my reward for the hours I put into each piece. I remember rushing to the lab to see how my first art experiment turned out. Today, 25 years later, I still run to the kiln anxiously awaiting the first view my latest creation. Through my years of art experiments, I’ve created a new genre of 2D and 3D fused glass animal-themed artwork.” 

Special Exhibit: Exotics

The fused glass Exotics Series portrays the whole animal in a novel way, using a hide of each animal as part of the composition. This adds texture and depth to the works and makes the fused glass portrait “pop” out from the frame.

Axis Deer

Original Fused Glass
24″ x 14″



Original Fused Glass
19.5″ x 15.5″

Bighorn Sheep

Original Fused Glass
16″ x 14″

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(512) 297-8015

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Original Fused Glass
22″ x 18″


Original Fused Glass
18.5″ x 15″